Eletric adjustable toilets and washstands from A.S.T.

Bathrooms in motion
Bathrooms in motion

Stay independent with height adjustable toilets and washstands from A.S.T.
Let your bathroom adjust to your needs.

20% of the world`s population is more than 60 years old.
600 million people worldwide live with handicaps.
Already in Germany more than 2 million people are in need of care.

Those people mainly live at home and are mostly taken care of by relatives.
The most important problem of those people is, that they need help for their daily personal hygiene.

Benefit from the electrical height and inclination adjustment as a sit and get up assistance.

The height adjustment by wireless keypad is a child`s play.
The keypad can be integrated in an ergonomically arm rest or mounted on the wall like a light switch.

Our lift-WCs and washstands are always in the right height, for everyone.
Therefore they are particulary suitable for apartment-sharing communities with tall, small and people with limited mobility.

All CARE models are barrier-free and therefore perfect for oupatiend care, hospitals and public buildings.

You can order the Lift-WC frames and washstands directly at our office or via every sanitary shop.
All sanitary ware (ISO-Standard) is mountable!

Best you purchase the sanitary ware at your sanitary shop, that can install the lift-WC or washstand as well.
Your fitter will get exact mounting instructions from us.
We are also happy to deliver a suitable sanitary ware or to go into detail on your special requests (e.g. the color of the cover panel).

All lift-modules are maintenance free.

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