Bathrooms in motion - Our understanding of quality

Das bewegte Bad
Our demand on high quality and durability

  • Our patented outlet system had been tested under hardest conditions:
    With 100.000 lifting cycles there were no fractures on the sewage
    hose nor any other damages or signs of wear

  • For the height adjustment we use durabel and jerkless linear drives with smooth starting

  • Our height adjustable WCs and washstands are equipped with an electronic load control
    Crushes or injuries caused by misuse of the system are impossible therewith

  • The lift module is made out of aluminium and steel and therefore rustless

  • The electric drive works with a safe 24V low voltage technology

  • The max. load of 150 kg shows the robust construction of the lift module

  • Made in Germany - We produce solely in Germany

  • Our company is certified according to ISO 9001

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